Today more and more families are protecting their loved ones from the painful burden that end-of-life issues cause. As part of our dedication to serving your community we would like to extend two free special offers which include invaluable information on helping your family at these most difficult of times.

The Dignity Memorial ® Personal Planning Guide is a valuable tool that allows you to record statistical, financial and personal information that your family will need during and after your final arrangements. Planning ahead and documenting those decisions facilitates family discussions of important final arrangement decisions and removes the burden from loved ones. Preplanning puts your family first by taking away the anxiety caused by guessing what you might have wanted. It lets your family know exactly what your wishes are. Many families have come back to us and told our directors that they would not have known where to begin without this completed guide. It is an easy-complete form that lets you say exactly what you want. Once it is filled out and properly signed it is valid under the laws of most states.

The Five Wishes ® booklet is a Living Will that lets people document how they want to be cared for if they become seriously ill and unable to make decisions on their own. It addresses medical wishes, while taking into consideration emotional and spiritual needs as well. The Five Wishes booklet also touches on the importance of preplanning funeral, cremation and cemetery arrangements. It was written with the help of The American Bar Association's Commission on the Legal Problems of the Elderly, and the nation's leading experts in the end-of- life care. Because of increased public awareness in Living Wills and the direct tie-in to preplanning, you may wish to provide complimentary copies to your family and community. It's also easy to use. All you have to do is check a box, circle a direction, or write a few sentences.