Anton Kirschner

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Terry J. Warner 03/31/2015 15:13:10
From: Huntsville, Illinois
To the family and friends of Anton... I just received notice of the loss of Anton... I am just in shock.. I worked with Anton at Honda Research & Development and in fact sat right next to him for some time.. We worked together on knuckle design and had a great working relationship.. What a terrific young guy.. Smart and full of life and energy. I am completely devastated at this news... I send my heartfelt sympathy to his family... I can't find other words to express my sorrow.. I am so sorry to find this out.. Anton was a great young man with so much potential and life... Rest in Peace my friend.. your friend and co worker.. Terry J. Warner...

Adrienne Loo 03/28/2015 06:33:37
From: San Jose, CA
I will always remember how our families used to hang out when we were growing up. All the good times we had and how close we all used to be. I knew you would become a wonderful young man and I wish I had taken more time to get know you as adult. Anton was very much loved. I will pray for your mom and your sisters and send my love and support.

Kim McCann 03/27/2015 11:17:29
From: Bronx, NY
I and my family will always carry with us memories of Anton as a young person full of wonderful qualities: so courteous and kind to others; so genuinely interested to learn about new things and grateful to those who could help him do so; so fun-loving with his buddies (my son, Jeremiah, among them) and so respectful of younger kids (Lindsey and my daughter, Cassandra). All the good things he brought us will be with us always - thank you, Anton. We send our strong support and loving wishes to Anton's family and friends, for healing in this time of deep sorrow - Kim McCann


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