Kenneth "Moe" Tuchman

Service date:


julia 07/30/2016 17:46:04
From: new york
i love you dad. always and forever.

julia sharon 03/17/2016 05:48:24
From: new york
I love you dad. keep protecting me- thank you for coming through so much for me. In my heart forever till i see you again.

julia sharon 10/04/2015 03:24:03
From: ny ny
i miss you so much dad. I felt you here for my birthday. thank you for coming through so strongly at the spirit circle and also for me. and thank you for already doing what you said you would do. you knocked it out of the ballpark. Not a day goes by that i don't miss you or remember the humor that made life so colorful. always and forever love never dies

julia sharon 09/08/2015 02:51:05
From: new york
i miss you so much daddy and more and more i realize how much love never dies- i feel you around in spirit. you were the best father i could have asked for....i remember all the love and i pray it sustains me. I know you are playing baseball and eating lots of cake. I know you will always be my protector and advocate and I yours. Until me meet again I will honor your memory by living in integrity and also not taking it all so seriously .... I am so grateful we got to tell each other "i love you" before you crossed over.

julia tuchman 07/19/2015 13:49:07
From: new york
dad---i love you more then words can say- always and forever.


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