Dr. Maxwell J. Felton

Service date:


Matthew J. Guy, MD 08/09/2015 07:19:43
From: Neponsit, NY
Max a wonderful human being. An honor to call him my colleague. Always ready to give sage advise and guidance on the care of a patient. Always brightened my day with a kind word, smile and amazing sense of humor. I will never forget the night when one of my children developed abdominal pain and was suspected of appendicitis. It was after midnight on a weekend night but Max met us at the hospital promptly and instead of rushing to perform an appendectomy, something most surgeons would have done, to quickly resolve the situation, Max stayed with us all night, ordered and reviewed tests and ultimately avoiding what turned out to be an unneeded operation . What a surgeon... what a doctor... what a friend! I will sorely miss him.


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