George Rich

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Simone and John H. Szalkay 08/07/2015 01:14:47
From: Forest Hills NY
George was my friend since we first met in school in 1945 in Budapest. Simone met him in Vienna in 1949, where she lived as a refugee from Romania. We will miss his intelligence, charm, wit, good humor and sharp insight in people's character. In one word, he was a "mensch." Gyuri, hianyzol nekem!

Simone and John H. Szalkay 08/06/2015 19:21:03
From: Forest Hills NY
I met George in 1945 at the Madach Gimnazium (High School) in Budapest, and after his leaving for the West in 1949, again here in NYC. Simone met him in Vienna (Austria) around 1947 and the two of us met in his home in NYC. We will miss his wit, intellect, outlook on life - but most of all, his friendship. May he rest in peace!


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