Raphael Arthur Rothstein

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David Saltman 03/12/2016 22:03:00
From: New York, NY
Deepest condolences to Evelyn, Noah and the family. Rafi was one of my dearest friends, ever since we first met in the mid-70s. We worked together, played together, laughed together, wrote and made films together and helped each other out innumerable times. He was a brilliant, beautiful soul who sang his song loud, from the rooftops. He is painfully, profoundly missed.

Sidney Sisk, Architect 11/14/2015 19:14:32
From: AVON CT 06001
Irene and I extend our Condolences to Evelyn and Noah and to Temi Stran and the entire family. Rafi and I were friends for 59 years. He was one of the most significant, serious, intellectual persons I ever knew. He was a warm friend and an intensely committed Jew. Rafi has left this world a better place than when he entered it. This computer has a message from Rafi on it from last week. The front hall closet has a cardboard box on it labeled "Books for Rafi"(something I always built-up and filled for him.And tomorrow I am reviewing "Born To Kvetch" by Michael Wex a book I gave to Rafi at lunch a few weeks ago. He knew Wex well and it is by no means a "jokey" book but a combination of serious linguistics with a deep love for all things Jew. I will dedicate my talk to Rafi. He is now in the hands of H'Shem who is lucky to have someone like him in the World To Come.


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