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Palmo Pasquariello 12/31/2015 23:50:35
From: New York, NY
An immeasurable loss to the Weill-Cornell community. I don't believe she realized how many lives she touched - and always with a smile and a kind word. There was nothing she couldn't do. A blessing to all who knew her - and so many who didn't. My life is better for having known her. R.I.P.

Lyuba Konopasek 12/11/2015 16:15:16
From: New York, NY
One of my favorite memories was Kathy coming up to L and D to finish up peds clerkship grading paperwork when I was in labor with my first child - it was great to have her there - as always calm, supportive, warm, and reassuring and making sure that everything ran smoothly in pediatrics at Cornell! Kathy was the rock, the glue - she nurtured, guided, and taught generations of pediatricians training and working at Cornell. She cared so much about all of us, our successes and challenges at home and at work. She took the time to really get to know us and remembered small details of our lives. I loved sitting in the chair in her office and learning about everything from how to navigate the college and hospital to how to navigate kindergarten application in NYC. She was so generous with her time and her advice. She got me out of lots of scrapes where inevitably I has misplaced some critical piece of paperwork - because she was super meticulous and super organized - I could always count on her. Kathy cared so deeply about everyone around her. I miss her friendship and warm, caring support. My thoughts and prayers are with her friends, her family and her Cornell Pediatrics family.

Jane Aronson 12/06/2015 14:23:33
From: Maplewood, New Jersey
While I was actively attending at Cornell from 1999 until just a few years ago, I relied on Kathy for all the administrative work that needed to be completed for my attending status. She always took care of me in a way that made me feel that she was my personal assistant. She made sure that I signed it at the weekly lecture. She asked me about my family and my kids and she always was interested in the work of my foundation. I learned about her life in New York and her sons. She and I shared the sadness of Joe Stavola's passing years ago and she always kept me up about his children. She was someone I stopped to see at her office for no reason. I am so sad; she made life at Cornell for me, very sweet.

Lance Goodman 12/05/2015 01:56:51
From: Boston, MA
Kathy was the unofficial ambassador for the Pediatrics Department at NY Hospital--Her warmth and nurturing spirit touched all of us as pediatric residents, and her upbeat attitude had such a positive impact on us throughout our years of training. I remained in touch with her after leaving NY, and she will very missed.

Maria Elena Reyes 12/04/2015 22:19:17
From: New York
Kathy was warm, kind, humble. Thank you Cathy for always there for us. My thoughts are prayers are with the family

Lily Han 12/04/2015 04:26:03
From: Dallas, TX
Kathy was a "mom" to hundreds of residents as we learned to become skilled & compassionate physicians. She supported us through our journey with her kind words, supportive disposition & amazing efficiency. We were lucky to have been touched by her . . . she is missed so very dearly! Prayers to her family at this very difficult time.

Robert Pass 12/03/2015 23:35:50
From: NY, NY
Kathy Babkow was a delightful, warm, funny, and supportive friend of all pediatric residents at NY Hospital - Cornell (now NY Presbyterian-Cornell). Her passing saddens me greatly. I know that I share the feelings of all former pediatric residents at Cornell that her kindness and warmth will be missed severely.

Chani Traube 12/03/2015 23:12:03
From: New York
I am heartbroken to hear of Kathy's passing. She was a strong, kind, graceful person who will be sorely missed.

Elizabeth Calleja 12/03/2015 22:24:26
From: New York, NY
My thoughts and prayers are with you at this time. Kathy was wonderful to me when I was a pediatric resident at Cornell. She will be greatly missed.

Marie Ambroise Thigpen 12/03/2015 22:15:00
From: Raleigh NC
Kathy was a wonderful person, a mother to us in the residency program at Cornell. She was genuinely interested in our lives and always had a kind word of advice. She was a class act, a sweet soul and I will miss her. I pray for comfort for her family in this time of sorrow.

TJ Jirasevijinda 12/03/2015 21:38:27
From: New York, NY
What a wonderful, nurturing human being! Kathy made my time at Cornell warm & welcoming since the very 1st day. Kathy made huge contributions to so many people she came into contact with. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! TJ

Patrisha Harripersaud 12/03/2015 21:09:25
From: New York, NY
Kathy was a great friend and colleague. She will sorely be missed. My thoughts and prayers are with the family.


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