Martin Robert Pollner

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Nathan (Nate) Salant 01/24/2016 19:03:11
From: Birmingham, AL
I just found out moments ago that Marty passed away. I had no idea he was ill, let alone that he died. Please know that I have incredibly fond memories of Marty, dating back to my earliest childhood years when he and his then girlfriend and subsequently first wife (Mildred, my mom's first cousin) used to babysit for me. I will never forget the many trips to the Bronx Zoo, Botanical Gardens and American Museum of Natural History, as well as the many stories he told me. Perhaps the strongest memory of all were the two stories, "The Night Animals" and the "Day Animals," in which he not only brought so many exotic creatures to life but sparkd my interest in animals in the wild that continues to this day. I also vividly remember the time he showed me the special car he had - this was back when he worked for the US Government. I had seen the early James Bond movies, so I knew about "spy cars" and the gadgets in them - I was telling him about it, and he took me down to his car and showed me the false dashboard, short-wave radio, etc. Needless to say, I was about as impressed as an 8-year-old could be - he also told me I couldn't tell anyone about it, so I never said a word for decades! Marty also sent me an invitation to Richard Nixon's innauguration, including the Innaugural Ball, which I still have somewhere, and when I graduated from law school, he was kind enough to connect me with the District Attorneys' Offices in a few New York counties - although I never wound up working for any of them (the sports bug bit me and I made my career in intercollegiate athletics), I again never forgot how kind he was to me. When my dad passed away in 2009, I got word to him and he came to my parents' house in Rockland County to make shiva call. I hadn't seen him in years - but he looked exactly the same. We ran into each other at a Yankee Opening Day game a year or two later - Daniel was with him - and again it was just a great reunion. There is so much more I remember fondly, but I'll close by saying that I hope the memories of Martin Pollner are will be a blessing to all who knew him, and that we all should do great things in his honor.


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