Barbara Gewirtz Lifton

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Elise Treff Gordon MD 02/21/2016 18:08:39
From: Pensacola, FL
Barbara, you have been a role model and inspiration to me. Diane is my best friend. I can remember meeting you at the ripe old age of 13 and thinking what a cool woman. I didn't realize exactly how cool until I read what Diane wrote. You encouraged me as well as your fierce little punkin', Diane. It mattered that you were proud of me as well as your own daughter. Thank you for laying the ground work for generations of women to come. In the Navy at retirement ceremony as we pass the baton to the next generation, we retire "the watch" (the duty) to the next. Barbara, we have the watch.

Mona lawrence 02/11/2016 22:18:43
From: Brooklyn, New york
Barbara G. Lifton, I will miss her dearly. She has such a joyful and happy soul. She was a strong lady, and I am happy I had the pleasure of knowing her. One of the many things I remember about her was how much she loved her grandkids Nate and Sasha. Barbara you will surely be missed. Sincerely, Mona

Frank Birchfield 02/10/2016 14:28:26
From: Brooklyn, NY
Vanessa and I have spoken to each other so many times this week about our sorrow for the loss you and your family suffered; you, Rich, Nate and Sasha are in our minds a lot. We will not be able to attend the service, but we will see you soon for hugs and coffees. I'm so sorry this happened. Her spirit will live on in you, and then from you to your children, and from them to their children. Our parents are with us always.


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