Eugene Slutsky

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Heartie Look 03/17/2016 15:54:44
From: New York, New York
Eugene, you were such a kind man, so helpful and like a part of our family. Your impact on my mother and her sisters is palpable. Thank you for being so generous of spirit, and an engaging, bright presence when we visited over dinners, coffees, even weddings! I regret not seeing you again sooner after you so kindly came to me and Chris's wedding, but I hope your final moments on earth were gentle on you and that your soul has been elevated to a place of supreme peace and happiness. Much love, Heartie

Jeanne Neary Look 03/17/2016 02:19:41
From: Doral, FLorida
Eugene's cousin ,Laura, informed me yesterday of Eugene's death. I was shocked to the core! We had seen him in NYC and while debilitated, he was his usual entertaining self....perhaps, a little excited at times, but still a lot of fun. His love for The Neary's started over 50 years ago with our sister Maureen. They met at Ogilvy Advertising in NYC. They formed such a strong friendship that our family and extended family all knew and loved Eugene. He was seated with Whitney's family at her funeral.......clearly another family who loved Eugene deeply. Appropriate that I write this on the eve of St Patrick's Day as he adored Ireland. Slante Eugene!

Lynn Neary 03/16/2016 17:32:13
From: Washington DC
Eugene was much loved by everyone in my family for his warmth, his humor and his optimistic outlook on life. He had a special friendship with each of the Neary girls and we will miss him terribly.

Marc Blatte 03/16/2016 07:10:41
Eugene was a thoughtful, considerate and passionate man. He inspired loyalty because had integrity. Jeanne and I, and her extended and immediate family are in a state of deep sadness. Our only comfort is that we got to spend time with him before his passing.

Amanda Manning 03/16/2016 05:57:17
From: Australia
Eugene, you will be missed always. Thank you so much for keeping my mother's memory alive throughout my life. The stories you shared meant so much to me. Your love for the "Neary Girls" shone so bright, as did their love for you. xox

Bob and Amy Barrett 03/11/2016 00:27:41
From: Edison NJ
We are truly grateful that we got to know and spend time with such an amazing man. The holidays will not be the same without you. We will think of you with a smile and miss you always.


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