Judith Bronfman

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Alice Temnick 05/15/2016 16:01:57
From: NY, NY
Judith warmly welcomed me into the Book Club that then met on the UES, my brand new home after my cross country move to the city over four years ago. Her broad knowledge of literature, historical events, the arts and artists, authors and their circles of influence led to rich discussion of alternating classical and current fiction selections. I regret that my travels kept me from attending regularly this past year but always appreciated Judith keeping in touch with me in correspondence. I deeply admired her independent nature, calm demeanor, fierce intelligence and her attention to connecting people. I will miss her and remember he fondly.

Ellen Leaf Dumas 05/14/2016 17:06:54
From: Los Angeles, CA
Judith was an amazingly tireless woman but the way I will always remember her was as a fun, loving mother... When I was a young child in NYC I would have play dates with Nina and no matter how wild and crazy we got inside the apt, Judith never once came to us and said, "o'k, you guys need to stop wilding." She let us be who we were. There was always this feeling of such love and acceptance. . When I got engaged two years ago, my then fiancee and I came in for a luncheon that my mother had arranged for us with my favorite women. There were four, Judith was amongst them. She was undergoing treatment even then but you'd have never known it. She didn't even mention it. I'd have never known. She was a woman of grace and beauty. I am so fortunate to have these memories. And I will be thinking of all of you on Sunday. My love and sympathy are yours. I am so truly saddened by her passing. Ellen

Charles Fairweather 05/12/2016 13:18:28
From: Scotch Plains, NJ
Bless you and the wonderful legacy of family you graced us with.

matt collins 05/11/2016 18:50:54
From: westchester ny
Proud to have met Judith in 1986 & been involved with her life for the past 30 years. Her commitment to her family, her home & her political ideologies are what i will remember most. Despite me being a Republican she took me in as family and shared hundreds of family outings together over our lives together. She took my teasing and she always managed to laugh (probably at me & not with me). Her support for those less fortunate is something i will never forget. My admiration & respect for the unparalleled giving of her time, in my eyes, defines what it means to be a part of a community. The greater good was always in her best interest. Judith was a doer. She was involved in her causes until the very end. The UWS has lost someone who made the fabric of society a better place by her actions & her being there. Writing a check to a charity is something most can do. Putting the time in to volunteer is something that the truly committed do. We should all be so lucky to live a life as full of enrichment , dedication & be surrounded by those who were loved & appreciated for their every actions as Judith did. Judith I thank you for Nina !! She shares your even keeled demeanor. Thank you for taking all the teasing. There are so many jokes about "the mother in law". They say there is always some truth in those jokes. In your case Judith i believe i couldn't have done better to have you as my MiL. May you rest in a better place. Enjoy the NYT, some coffee & perhaps a plate of mussels. We will make sure we find Runcie a safe environment !! I am fortunate to have spent the last 30 years with you and the extended family. Nina, Sarah Luke & Sean all are thankful they managed to say they love you on Saturday. You are in all of our hearts. We will miss you.


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