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Victor 09/08/2016 14:10:34
Through the past few years working with Rick, there was never a time he wasn't quick with a warm, hearty smile and some hilarious story or joke. He was always kind and spoke glowingly about his family. Yes, he was definitely persistent as a sales professional, with calls and calls and calls! But he is one of the rare few where we really didn't mind:) This is because his greeting of "What's up? So how was your weekend? Did you get wasted?" always felt like a genuine inquiry and not a prelude to a sales pitch:) He was like that cool uncle of yours that could tell an inappropriate joke here and there, but without casting any doubt that his good intentions, character and warm heart. God bless you and your family Rick! No doubt, you were assigned to the Humor and Good Times Committee up in Heaven;)

Vijay Mohinani 09/06/2016 10:14:26
From: Hong Kong
My heartfelt condolences to his family that he left behind. RIck was a true gentleman and whoever knew him was lucky. Rest is Peace.

Krystle Velazquez 09/02/2016 15:10:32
From: NY, NY
My thoughts and prayers are with Ricks friends and family at this time. He definitely made a lasting impression on the industry and i pray he will be in a state of eternal happiness and peace.

Patricia Blaine 09/02/2016 11:11:35
From: Orlando Florida
Dearest Cousin Ricky, so Glad we reconnected after Ellie's death! Your turned into a warm living sweet kind man and great father to Alison! I am so sorry you didn't get your puppy or go back to Aruba! I will greatly miss our text chats which were often! Glad I got to see you last September! We were born a day apart different years ! Love you and miss you always! Love your cousin Patricia!

Silvia 09/01/2016 17:28:43
From: Nassau County
My deepest condolences to his children know that you are in my prayers and thoughts during this difficult time. This world have lost a great man, friend and father. He was a great friend and my heart is broken. I still can't believe he is gone and that is very sad. I will always remember our long chats about life and how good his advice was when I encountered difficult situations. I am so going to miss those chats over the phone and how good our friendship. It is difficult to accept you are gone but I will always treasure your advice and how loving and proud you were about your beautiful daughter and son. I know you are in a better place and you will always have a special place in my heart. I will always remembered you with a smile until we meet again my sweet friend.:'(

Jackie Yeo 09/01/2016 13:27:26
From: Singapore
Rest in peace...gonna miss you lots. Jackie

Deepak 09/01/2016 12:33:05
From: Hong Kong
My deepest Condolences to the Family on your great loss. Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers. Rest in Peace My Friend!

Sue Strandskov 09/01/2016 11:34:11
I will always remember Rick's laugh and how he kept life in perspective. I will always remember how much he loved his son. May he be blessed with eternal happiness and peace and enjoy the embrace of his Mother.

Billy 09/01/2016 10:58:57
From: Rudnick
This is a sad moment Rick had such a strong Presence and Personality I will pray for his transition to our Higher Power. God Bless Him, His Family and Friends. Peace, Billy Rudnick

RAM 09/01/2016 10:39:45
From: Kowloon,HongKong
I Have interacted with Rick, he was a great person and with great sense of Humour ! This news came to me as a great shock as he was very strong and cheerful when I met him last Rick will ever remain in our memory ! May his soul rest in peace Will miss you rick !!!

Siva R. Rajakkal 09/01/2016 10:19:05
From: New York NY
Ladies and Gentlemen Rick as we all fondly call him was working for us Jinzu Clothing Company. He joined us in the year 2007 and retired early last year. He was with us right from the day we established the company to finding the new showroom to putting the line together. Though he came from a Juniors/ladies back ground, he was very sharp and fast in learning the tricks of the urban men’s wear business. He is great sales person and excellent communicator. He was able to break in to every major discount stores within a very short span of time. He was very persistent with his buyers and sometimes the buyers get upset and tell him not to call them. But he would answer them smartly saying the best way not to receive a call or email from him is to given a test order.. He was very close getting us in to J.C Penny. After our meeting with the buyers in Texas during Nov 2011, the buyer was impressed with Rick’s presentation and promised to see us and finalize some orders in Jan 2012. However with the then new CEO at JCP, there was change in their strategies on their floor and was limiting their vendor base. But the buyer made efforts to come to the showroom and explain the reasons for not fulfilling the promise in person instead of sending an email. Such is the respect Rick commanded among the buyers. We were like a family. In the office we had every day lunch together and discussed what happened in our lives, news in general. He attended all my family getogthers. He graced our house warming ceremony when I bought a house and attended my wife’s baby shower which we did in a Hindu temple. He always loved our culture and food. His favorite Indian dish was Lamboona. Though we were a small team of people from diverse cultures and backgrounds, we always celebrated all festivals together. We had a Christmas party/dinner every year though none of us Christians. Rick took the initiative of making arrangements and booking restaurants. He always looks forward to diwali(Indian festival) prayers every year. He actively participated in these prayers by reciting/repeating the words as per the Priest’s instructions. He even stayed Vegan on these auspicious days like most of us. He also celebrated every happy jewish holiday with food from his mother’s house. He also never failed to wish his buyer’s and friends be it a thanks giving holiday or Christmas or New Year. Rick was a people’s person and a great human being. While walking on the streets with him, I have seen him going to tourists either from overseas or within the country and offering them guidance and help if they are lost. Being a manhattan kid, he knows the cheapest and fastest commute in the city and also the best restaurants in the city. He also never failed to wish his buyer’s and friends be it a thanks giving holiday or Christmas or New Year. It is a great personal loss to me and to my friends at Jinzu. We will cherish all the good memories he had left with us. We will miss you Rick. May his soul rest in peace. Siva R. Rajakkal

Lisa Locker 09/01/2016 09:19:59
From: Long Beach New York
RIP my friend Best friend ever Will miss your big smile, big heart and friendship ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Love you Lisa


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