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Francois Thibaut 11/20/2016 18:08:20
From: New York, New York
Barry was introduced to me by my girl friend. He quickly became a very good friend and also a student in my most advanced conversation class. So I had the opportunity to know Barry through the conversations we had about various cultural subjects (en francais). No matter what the subject was, Barry had always a lot to say and all his classmates loved his sense of humor. I will miss him as a friend and as a student.

Jas Mudhar 11/20/2016 11:13:25
From: London, England
I was truly blessed to meet Barry through my good friend Olivier Le-cardinal. When Barry was in London it was an absolute pleasure to show him around the cultural parts of London that most tourists never really get to see and to do it for someone who truly appreciates it! He always had a show booked every night in one of London's West End theatres and had a mountain of knowledge regarding the cinema and theatre world. He had a very inquisitive mind and really wanted to explore different cultures and was a very open and honest man. He was never afraid to say what he truly felt and I was astounded by his energy to see things through, even after he had undergone his knee operation and nothing would ever get in his way! Barry was kind, loving and very thoughtful. He was extremely happy and content when he met Olivier and his life was entering a new chapter of 'true love'. He felt 'complete' and jetted away to far away places and was able to express his love in the way he always wanted to - after all his heart was always full of unconditional love. I will dearly miss him but never forget him. He taught me that life is full of 'up's and downs' but one must surround themselves in LOVE and cherish every moment and enjoy it to the very end no matter how hard things get! He was a true fighter and will always be remembered for showing us all what the power of 'Love' can ultimately achieve. Rest in Peace Barry. xx

Robert Coren 11/20/2016 05:44:05
From: London, United Kingdom
I’m a distant relative in London who shared perhaps 25 or 30 years of theatre visits with Barry on his many trips to the UK. I also visited him in New York in 2010. It was an eclectic mix of shows we saw over the years, and his opinion as the more seasoned theatregoer was always invaluable. Sometimes his reviews seemed tougher in the subsequent email circulars than they had been to me on the night… but it was always fascinating to read them. In 2003 we saw "Hitchcock Blonde" at the Royal Court. I turned to Barry in the interval and said of the actor playing the eccentric film director that it seemed to be a very accurate portrayal. “Well…” said Barry. Out tumbled a story of his having minded Alfred Hitchcock for a month on the press tour of "Frenzy". Barry was always great value like that. When I heard about his chemotherapy in 2014 I suggested to him that while the experience was not just a bad show he could simply walk out of… he would at least be able afterwards to give the episode a particularly scathing review. I saw real courage in him during our last meeting last October in London and extraordinary acceptance and fortitude during a final phone call this August. But of course this was a life of bravery in so many ways. My thanks to Iris for letting us know the worst. My deepest sympathy to closer family members, to Olivier (who like Lisa Rose I have not met but am grateful for), and to all remembering Barry today. I wish I could be with you. But I will treasure the theatre programmes, the years of email correspondence (including those film night invitations I was always again in the wrong country to attend), essays on Stephen Sondheim, on Walt Whitman, Barry’s own draft play "The Slave", various pirated DVD’s of old TV musicals, and even a couple of old phone messages I still have with which to remember that most distinctive voice. Here’s to a principled and loyal friend who marched to the beat of his own drum. Barry, thank you for everything.

Bob Walsh 11/20/2016 05:12:16
From: Brooklyn, NY
I regret that I am out of state and not able to be with you today in person. However, I am with you in spirit. Barry was a dear and cherished friend who taught me so much during my second adolescence after the age of 50+. We met on what used to be called a blind date for coffee and a get-to-know-you chat. I had just come out of a decades long marriage and was somewhat lost in this new world.  Barry helped me understand that my life was just opening again. He invited me to his "Movie Nights" where he played the role of presenter AND a male version of the long forgotten movie theater matron (minus the flashlight). He introduced me to a whole circle of loving, caring, funny and accomplished people.  We dated for several months and he even convinced me to make my first trip to Paris with him. While there we both realized that we were better suited to being good friends. It was there on the last day of our trip that he met the real love of his life,  Olivier.  They subsequently dated and a couple of years ago were married. I don't ever remember Barry being as happy or full of life as when he was with Olivier. Fortunately they continued to include me in that world as a friend to both. I will be grateful to Barry forever for his love and genuine concern for me. I will also never forget his wonderful sense of humor and playfulness.  He never told me he didn't want to do something or eat something.  It would always be done in the third person.  He'd say, "Jews don't do that" or "Jews don't eat that" (and it wasn't because something wasn't kosher).  If Barry didn't like it, he couldn't understand how anyone else could.  I'd call him on it and we'd laugh...a lot. I loved him for that. In recent years it was harder to laugh.  I could see the sadness in his eyes and felt for him whenever the progress of the disease or the side effects of the treatments made him queasy or tired.  I cherish the last few times I saw him. He never complained about the illness per se but only the inability to eat and the constant state of fatigue.  His biggest concern throughout the whole ordeal was always for the well-being of Olivier whom he cherished above all else. I called Barry the afternoon before he died, hoping to go see him that afternoon or evening but he told me he wasn't up to any visits. He said he was very, very tired and that day, for the first time,  he said he was in pain.  I told him I loved him and would call in a couple of days to see if he was up to a visit.  That was our last conversation.  Barry was a wonderful, quirky, funny, decent, honest and loving man. I was privileged to know him.  I will never ever forget him.  Never.

John Gibbons, Mark Paris 11/20/2016 00:54:34
From: New York, New York
Brief encounters in the elevators or lobby of our building, brought some unusual humor, touched with many overtones. Barry was one of a kind and he was so fortunate to have met and married Olivier, which caused joy and love to overflow in his heart.

Simon Wender 11/19/2016 09:51:33
From: Paris, France
I met Barry almost 20 years ago in my early 30's for my first time in the US and in New-York. I was immediately under the charm of his caring attitude and his marvelous sense of humour. This was the start of a wonderful friendship full of vivid memories like my introducing him to my Mother and their immediate connexion, our traveling together in Argentina, my welcoming him and Olivier in Munich... and of course all our lunches and dinners in Paris with his lists of staightforward questions and his strong opinions, but which never felt like intrusive and despite differing views were always the occasion of a Big Laugh ! :) I dare to say that Barry was for me like an ideal / second Father (mine died 30 years ago), with whom no topic has ever been taboo and could be discussed in a light-hearted and benevolent atmosphere. Barry, I will try to keep in me the essence of your loving nature. Olivier, I am with you in this time of grieve yet of wonderful memories.

Judy Palgon and the Beach High Class of '56 11/15/2016 21:16:11
From: Miami Beach, FL
Dear Family of Barry Cherin, The Classmates of Beach High Class of '56 are very sorry to hear of the passing of Barry Cherin. He will be remembered in the hearts of all who knew and loved him. May he rest in peace.

Murray Cherin 11/13/2016 19:12:16
From: Pembroke Pines, FL
My brother was a wonderful and good person In the last 18 months of his illness be became close. In the last 3 weeks of his life we became even closure . I made it my responsibility to be their along his side along with our niece Iris. And we leaned on each other to be strong for Barry as he became weaker. . He will always be remembered and have a place in my heart

Murray Cherin 11/12/2016 20:51:57
From: Pembroke Pines Fl
Barry is my brother and we grew closer as time passed and even closer to the end. We were together the last three weeks of his life. I find myself wanting to pick up the phone each time and wanting to call him to see how he is In loving memory Murray

Steve Green 11/08/2016 00:59:49
From: Los Angeles, CA
Barry and I met in Los Angeles in 1984. I found him to be funny and energetic. We became fast friends, getting together regularly until he left LA. He was a good listener, and a reliable and generous friend. He invited me to several memorable Hollywood press events, including the Emmys. The international gay pen pal club that he started enriched my travels. I was sad when Barry moved to New York, but we remained good friends. It was thrilling to watch his love for Olivier evolve. I’d never seen Barry happier. My heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to Olivier and to Barry’s family and friends. Barry will be missed.

Marina Lemaitre 11/06/2016 13:48:25
From: Paris France
Obviously, I cannot be with you on 11/20 since I live in France but my thoughts and my heart will be among you and close to Barry. Barry has been a wonderful friend. I admired his intelligence, his incredible culture, his curiosity on every subject and his ability to make his friends meet other people ... who finally became friends themselves. I keep many awesome memories either from Paris or New York with Barry or Barry and Olivier, and I'll keep them forever at the bottom of my heart. I believe Barry has had a fulfilled and happy life and cherished every instant of it. I’ve been honored to meet some members of his family, genuine, nice and amazing individuals I’ll never forget. Repose en paix Barry. Nous gardons de toi le plus tendre et le plus respectueux des souvenirs. Marina

Bob Meyer 11/04/2016 17:39:00
From: Palm Springs
Barry welcomed me on my first day at NBC and from then on he was a dear friend. Not only was working with him just plain fun, he also made a point of being a matchmaker, and I made many new friends thanks to him. He even taught me some Yiddish. His love of showbiz and his quick wit will be fondly remembered. He was a mensch.

Paul Ruthfield 11/04/2016 02:18:30
From: Bay Harbor Islands
As one of Barry's oldest friends (elementary school) and both being Alumni of Miami Beach High School, may G-d take you under his wing.

Kim J Palmerston Lundgreen 11/03/2016 19:01:49
From: Helsingør, Denmark
Dear, dear Barry Yes we also shared a love of the old movies and the movie stars of yesteryear. I met you when you visited Copenhagen, and I was immediately struck by what a kind man you were. You had so many interesting stories to tell, from when you worked in the entertainment industry. You were truly a man of the world, although you were so typically American, in the best sense of the word. I shall miss you dearly. Your friend Kim, from Denmark

Forbes Wood 11/03/2016 18:37:20
From: Dallas, Texas
Barry was such a tremendous friend...I spent so many wonderful times with him in NY, going to theatre, museums, movie nights at his wonderful apt....I will miss him so very much. I adore his sweet husband, Olivier, and certainly remember him and send love and support to him and all of Barry's loved ones during this difficult time of loss. Barry was ONE OF A KIND and will be great missed by MANY!! XOXO Forbes Woods

David Cheren 11/03/2016 17:39:10
From: scottsdale
Although we didn't see one another often, Barry remained a friend.(even though he misspelled his last name). He was a warm and giving person who will be missed by all with whom he came in contact.

Lisa Rose 11/03/2016 13:06:54
From: Albany, California
I am one of Barry's first cousins. Around 2000 2003 or so, I stayed with Barry and 'condo-sat' for him. His kindness, warmth, and humor buoyed me during some extremely sad and difficult times for my immediate family as I, the lone survivor, cared for and coped with both my aging father (with whom Barry had a warm and fairly close relationship) and my very ill sister (who died in 2004 and whose tumultous life touched Barry in difficult ways). His friendship and compassion during those times was critical. We laughed together and shared enough to have become close at that time. I was so thrilled and heartened to hear that he had found the love of his life, Oliviere, and I only regret that I never got to meet O in person but am grateful to this day that he and Barry found each other. Though I stayed on the west Coast while Barry made a life for himself on the east Coast, I will always miss him, remember him, and thank god I had even the time I did with him - the member of my larger blood family that I felt closest to. So many memories... thank you Barry for being a part of my life and just having been the funny, brilliant, and loving person you often were to me. I may not be at the memorial but I am definitely there in spirit.

Dana Ohlmyer 11/03/2016 10:07:44
From: Long Isand City, NY
Barry and I reconnected via Facebook after many years. He spotted me while I worked at the five and dime, convinced me to date, briefly. Ruth, Fonda, Barry and I hung around for that year he was a senior at Miami on a ballet scholorship. I introduced him to Ben's off Seventh Ave. He offered me again, the opinionated, secure funny and loving companionship that was his alone.

Wally Kairuz 11/03/2016 06:41:24
From: Miramar, Argentina
I am so sorry to hear about Barry's passing. Barry and I met many years ago, on his trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina. We became friends instantly and remained close ever since. I will miss Barry's unique brand of humor, generosity, friendship and intelligence. He was a true mensch.

Russ Ramirez 11/03/2016 04:15:45
From: Costa Mesa, CA
You will always be missed and loved! Until we meet again, your friend.

George Lefteris 11/03/2016 01:24:36
From: New York, NY
Barry was such a unique character who could always make me laugh. We were fortunate enough to share a trip to China and Tibet which remains one of my favorite travel adventures of all time. Barry, Olivier, Larissa & Hilary; Barry's next door neighbors, shared a perfect summer's evening in my garden shortly before his passing. That last memory is the way I shall remember our good times together. He will be very much missed among friends.

Jim Parish 11/02/2016 22:13:16
From: Los Angeles, CA
So sorry to learn of Barry's passing. We shared a love of (old) movies and he will be missed

Gary Kanter 11/02/2016 12:58:35
From: New York, NY
Barry was such a kind, generous and funny friend. He tried his best to include me in his circle of friends at his movie nights. He loved sharing and seeing them altogether and giving them each an opportunity to expand their own friendships. He was always happiest when he was surrounded by so many friends and family that adored him. He made me laugh so hard when he thought his opinion was the only one that counted when it came to anything. Although we rarely agreed on anything, we could always end the conversation agreeing to disagree. Disagreeing with him and seeing his reaction was part of the fun of being with him. He was an original. I will miss him.

Patrick CONLAN 11/01/2016 22:25:12
I met Barry on his first visit to Australia in January, 1988 and our friendship grew through subsequent visits he made 'down under' and I made to Los Angeles and then New York City. Barry also introduced me to several people who remain good friends to this day. I will miss his exchanges on theatre, movies, television and life in general - but most of all, will miss his companionship. My thoughts go to all his friends and family, especially at the Memorial Service.


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