Naomi Goldberg

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Kathy Rhoades 11/30/2016 19:54:20
From: Goshen, NY
I give thanks for the time I had with Naomi. She was a "splash of color" in a black & white world. Life seems much more drab just knowing she is no longer among us. My deepest sympathies to the family on such a huge loss!

Jennifer Smith (Hansen) 11/30/2016 16:08:37
From: New York, NY
I'm so sorry for your loss. Mrs. Goldberg was one of my favorite teachers throughout all my years of school. More recently, she was a friend and neighbor whom I'll miss very much.

Toni Gazzaniga 11/28/2016 15:46:22
From: Highland Mills, NY
I am so sorry for your loss and my inability to get back to NY in time to pay my respects. Know how much she loved you two and how much many of us loved Naomi. My sincere condolences.

Linda Rivera 11/28/2016 04:16:34
From: Wilmington, NC
I was sad to hear of Mrs. Goldberg' she passing. I had her for economics and one of my fondest memories is of her lesson on what "Keeping up with the Jones' " ... she was such a great person and could always make me smile. She was a beautiful spirit that impacted many more lives than I think she was aware of. Rest In Peace Mrs. Goldberg you will be missed and thank you for the smiles and memories.

Nancy Gileza 11/27/2016 21:56:42
From: Goshen,NY
Wonderful lady. Sorry for your loss.

Nanette Watkins Edwards 11/27/2016 04:15:09
From: Sanford Fl
The Lord never makes any mistakes. Family continue to lean and depend on the Lord.

Daniel Van Cura 11/27/2016 03:29:51
From: Pine Bush NY
With condolences to her family - Naomi was such a wonderful woman. So intelligent kind and thoughtful. It was an honor to work with her and call her a friend.

Jillian Allison 11/27/2016 03:16:09
From: Goshen, NY
Ms. Goldberg was one of the best, if not the best, teacher. She made an incredible impact on my life and those of my classmates. She will be missed, but her legacy lives on in us. My sympathies to her family and my thoughts are with you in this difficult time.

Susan Cullen 11/27/2016 01:49:48
From: Washingtonville,NY
My thoughts and prayers are with Mrs. Goldberg's family. She was a great Social Studies teacher and great Advisor. She will be greatly missed by all.

Jeff Albanese 11/27/2016 01:49:16
From: Ann Arbor, MI
I am so sad to hear that Mrs. Goldberg has passed away. She was one of the most important teachers I've ever had.

Christopher Tucci 11/27/2016 01:32:03
From: Westtown, NY
So sorry for you loss. Your Mom influenced hundreds, if not thousands of Goshen students. She was an outstanding matriarch, woman, teacher, friend, children's advocate, and never ceased opening up people's hearts & minds for the better!


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