Elizabeth Bauman Lundqvist

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Barry Holtz 12/11/2016 22:27:39
From: New York, NY
I was very touched by the beautiful remarks at today's memorial service. They captured the Liz that I remember from the time I first knew her when she was an undergraduate and I was a graduate student at Brandeis and down to the present day. Over the years we managed to stay in touch and even get together for lunch in New York every other year or so. It is, obviously, absolutely terrible that she did not have more years than what she was granted. But I for one took comfort in hearing the words today and knowing how much she gave to people's lives and how much love she received in the short time she was with us. In Jewish tradition we say "may her memory be a blessing" and surely that is true of Liz's life and her memory. Thanks to all the speakers today.


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