Esther Betty Singer

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Jacqueline Freedman (Cousin Jackie) 02/03/2017 19:33:31
From: Shaker Heights
I'll always remember with undying love and affection, my special and remarkable cousin Esther, who was so good to me over so many years. She brought me to Macy's for my first job when I turned sixteen, and I worked there every summer from junior year of high school through junior year of college, and winter holidays, as well. I'll also never forget how she and her husband Joe were kind enough to open their hearts and invite me to join them on a number of delightful trips to the Berkshires, where we attended so many wonderful Boston symphony concerts at Tanglewood. After I moved away from NY, I always tried to visit with her each time I came to town; she was so sharp and bright and such a joy to be with, that a time for us to be together was always a part of my plans. Now, although she has left us, these precious memories of my dear sweet cousin Esther will always remain in my heart. I miss her already. May she rest in peace


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