Jessica Josell Wechsler

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Dana DeMartino 03/24/2017 20:23:51
From: Charleston, SC
How strange. My brother Brien is in the hospital in ICU in Philly and I was thinking of Marc and how close they were in Coral Gables growing up together. I knew Marc had passed but it was way after the fact. And then I thought about you and seeing you in the NYC and then visiting Marc and Susan at a party they had thrown And you were there. We talked a long time and then saw each other a few times in the city before I left NY. I suddenly wanted to speak to you today and looked you up online only to find out you had passed. I seem to be saying a lot of goodbyes these days. So sorry I didn't get a chance to see you dear girl. My thoughts are with your family.

Douglas A Lobel 02/24/2017 21:26:17
From: New York, New York
I am deeply saddened to learn of Jessica's death. She was an extraordinary person. My thoughts are with Steven and the family. Doug


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