Sydel Applebome

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Marsha and Stuart Eisenberg and Family 03/16/2017 01:23:26
From: Meadowbrook
We have so many fond memories of Syd as a dear and loyal friend, mother and grandmother. We are more fortunate because our children have fond and lasting recollections of their own interactions with Syd, from Steven's Monopoly games; Kathy, as little girl, toddling up to Mrs. Applebome to visit the "lady from New York". Jerome and Sydel graced us with their attendance at all important family affairs: the bar and bat mitzvahs, the weddings, et cetera. These were important as the Eisenbergs always thought of the Applebomes as family, and they were. The one facet, among many, that shall always stand out in our memories is that Sydel was a wonderful friend: Attentive, an excellent listener, a valued advisor, and always fun. She was the quintessential "lady". She loved her Jerome, her children, and her grandchildren. We will miss her. Marsha and Stuart Eisenberg


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