David Simon

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Wales Mack 04/23/2017 14:56:21
From: NewYork
David Simon’s dry sense of humor packed a punch. He was so quick with the one-liners that, as much as I tried, I could never keep up … A brilliant math teacher who helped 609 West 114th become a cooperative in the late 1980s and set up the finances for the building. In those days, there was no easy map to follow, no templates to go by, no predecessor Treasurer to get guidance from. As I now run through those yellow-stained reams of financial documents safe-guarded by David for so many years, I know the enormous debt that 609 West shareholders owe the man who served his neighbors so selflessly and so quietly for 20 years. The imprint that David left behind is indelible. May his spirit and sense of humor continue to inspire us.

Judy Diamond 04/22/2017 17:21:02
From: Gardiner, New York
You are deeply missed my amazing uncle. No words to describe our loss. Love, Judy


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