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Adriana Beaudreault 02/02/2018 15:08:54
From: Yorktown Heights, NY
Dear Aaron, Phyllis and family, I was very sad when I heard the news that your father passed away. My sincere condolences to you and your family. Leon and Belle are together again and remembering their 72 years together here on earth, now on to the next chapter. Rest in peace. With love and sincere sympathy, Adriana and family

diane osen 02/01/2018 01:15:02
I was so sorry to learn of the passing of Dr. Bock, and am writing to extend my condolences to the entire family. Dr. Bock was one of my favorite teachers at Ramaz, and the inspiration of my enduring interest in history. He was an exemplary educator: an expert in his field, a riveting speaker, and kindness personified. I still remember vividly all I learned from a paper he assigned on the causes of the Civil War, as he insisted that each of us provide persuasive evidence in support of a carefully crafted thesis--a first, in my experience. I also benefited enormously from his encouragement to think critically about everything we read or heard, and to express our conclusions without fear. What a remarkable legacy he left! May his memory be a blessing always.

Emily Kuriloff 01/28/2018 22:24:42
From: Irvington NY
Dear Aaron, Norman, Larry and the rest of your wonderfully large family, My sister Elizabeth and I recall with great joy and tenderness our childhood times together--we actually worshipped you, Aaron and Norman, because you were older, were boys, were musically talented and super cool with the guitar, warm, funny, smart and articulate. You helped us learn about the world. When Larry came along it was a thrill indeed--my first baby cousin after being the baby myself! I remember him as a toddler, when we taught him to say "a dollar and a quarter!" WE knew then he was one smart guy. Our many family visits ( which my mom called "cousins parties" of course resulted from the extreme closeness between my mother, Ruth Benn Wassell, and her beloved cousin Leon, whom she regarded as a brother. Their two mothers, our grandmas Leah and Rifka, were as beautiful as they were lively, fierce, loving and needy. So Leon and Ruth needed each other! My mom would constantly remark on Leon's calming presence when she was lonely, when her mom was acting crazy, and after her own dad died. She would boast about his amazing good looks, fine mind, sweetness and loyalty to her. She found his work for the good and for social justice a point of joy and pride. She and he remained so close for so many years, until my mom passed away. I remember talking to Leon myself, particularly about issues of education and politics, and finding him to be an excellent listener, and full with wisdom and insight. I was proud to have him as a cousin/uncle, just as I was proud and grateful to have all of you. I think both Leon and Ruth would want us to be together more often, especially now. We have so many memories, shared love and sensibilities to share. We need to re connect. I am sending you all invitations! My love, and Elizabeth's love to all of you.

Matt Gelfand 01/28/2018 18:30:11
From: Chevy Chase
With fond memories of Leon - and Belle - and with heartfelt condolences to the entire family. - Matt Gelfand


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