Debra Dauman

Time of Service:

11:15 AM

Place of Service:

"The Riverside Memorial Chapel"
DAUMAN, DEBRA of Chappaqua, died April 26, 2015 surrounded by family and friends. Debra’s depth of character, generous heart, and brilliant mind made her truly remarkable. She was a master of words and insight which allowed her not only to entertain others with her storytelling and sharp wit, but also to be a treasured source of support, guidance, and advice for her friends, loved ones, and the causes she held dear. Underlying Debra’s beautiful, classy, and impeccably put together exterior lay a fiercely loyal, passionate soul who embodied integrity, bravery, and dynamic strength. She is survived by the two cherished men of her life -- husband Stewart and son Jared – around whom her world revolved and within whom she will live on.
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