David Simon

Time of Service:

Sunday, April 23rd 2017 @ 11:30 AM

Place of Service:

Riverside Memorial Chapel
David Simon, devoted husband, brother and best uncle ever, animal lover, amateur photographer, retired building treasurer, innovative teacher, dog owner par excellence, Steven Sondheim maven and the patriarch of 609 114th St., died on Friday April 14, 2017 from a hemorrhagic stroke. David was a talented teacher. For many years he taught junior high math in NYC. He was a union representative and a child advocate. Long before personal computers became popular, David taught himself how to program on a Commodore 64. He pioneered original methods of using personal computers to teach math and ran one of the first junior high school computer learning labs in the city. David loved children and they adored him. He was like a father to his nieces and nephews and children of friends adopted him as their uncle for life. He left behind a bookcase filled with amazing photos of the animals he had visited in zoos and wild life sanctuaries around the world. He spoke frequently of his Kenyan safari and his cruise to the Galapagos. Children of family and friends still speak fondly about their amazing zoo outings with David. David held strong convictions about the superiority of Steven Sondheim over Andrew Lloyd Webber and he revered Judy Garland, Eartha Kitt and Bertolt Brecht. David enjoyed fine cooking and remembered every good meal he had ever eaten. He liked cheap wine, expensive beer and hard apple cider. We invite all those who share David’s deep appreciation for fine single malt scotch to raise a glass in his honor. Please join us for a Gathering and Memorial Service, with a Reception to follow at the Chapel.
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