Understand Your Benefits

Free Seminars Give Veterans What They Need to Know

Riverside Memorial Chapel and its affiliates take their commitment to providing exceptional service very seriously. To us, that includes educating veterans on all the burial benefits offered by the U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs so veterans and their spouses will know the facts when making funeral and cemetery arrangements. That’s why we offer free, no-obligation veterans seminars to members of the VFW, American Legion and the Jewish War Veterans.

Conducted by trained, experienced funeral professionals, the Riverside Memorial Chapel Veterans Seminars are filled with essential funeral and burial information for veterans and their spouses. Seminar guests will learn the burial benefits offered by the VA, the benefits offered to members of the VFW and American Legion, and the importance of making funeral and cemetery arrangements in advance.

Military Funeral Honors

The rendering of military funeral honors is a way to show the nation’s deep gratitude to those who, in times of war and peace, have faithfully defended the country. This ceremonial paying of respect is the final demonstration a grateful nation can provide to its veterans’ families.  

The tradition of providing military funeral honors, in some form, began in ancient Greece and Rome. The funeral honors protocol of today traces its roots to these ancient ceremonies as well as to historical American experience.

U.S. law now mandates the rendering of military funeral honors for an eligible veteran if requested by the family, provided at no cost by the Department of Defense. Riverside Memorial Chapel can help families request military funeral honors. The request form is included in the Veterans Planning Guide offered by Riverside Memorial Chapel and its affiliates funeral providers.

As provided by law, an honor guard detail for the burial of an eligible veteran shall consist of not less than two members of the Armed Forces. One member of the detail shall be a representative of the parent branch of service of the deceased veteran. The honor detail will, at a minimum, perform a ceremony that includes the folding and presentation of the American flag to the next of kin and the playing of
taps. Taps will be played by a bugler, if available, or by electronic recording.

Please note that today there are so few buglers available that the military often cannot provide one. Should there be a need, Riverside Memorial Chapel can provide an official recording of taps or assist in locating area musicians.

 Who is eligible?
  •  Military members on active duty
  • Military retirees
  • Members and former members of the Selected Reserve
  • Eligible U.S. veterans of any war
  • Other U.S. veterans who served at least one term of enlistment and separated under conditions other than dishonorable
Who is not eligible?
  • Individuals discharged from the Armed Forces under dishonorable conditions
  • Individuals sentenced to death or life imprisonment without parole for a federal or state capital offense
To receive a free Veterans Planning Guide, contact Riverside Memorial Chapel at 212 362-6600. One of Riverside Memorial Chapel’s licensed directors will gladly deliver and review the guide with you, so you can take advantage of all the VA burial benefits you earned through your service.